Health benefits of sitting on the floor

Benefits of Sitting on the floor could be beyond our thought. It has many good effects on our health when we sit on the floor. Even in meditation process, people used to sit on the floor and meditate.

While it looks very simple, but sitting on the floor is an exercise which helps your back pain, shoulder, knee pain. There is perfectly some exercise such as Egos cue method that uses forces of gravity to work on joint alignment. Floor sitting is one of the best exercises that is good for health.

It has many benefits, some important benefits of sitting on the floor are given below:

It naturally improves your posture:

Good posture is important for our health, but it does not help to prevent injuries, it can minimize the chance of placing an unwanted strain on certain muscles and joints, most of us have poor posture and weak lower backs.

Sitting on the floor requires your spine to be straight, and your shoulder bumps to be pushed and back unembarrassed, this corrects poor posture.

It improves your strength and flexibility:

Sitting in a chair for many hours per day, it’s harmful for our body. it left us weak, tight and sore lower back. Sitting on the floor improves your strength and flexibility.

Doctors and physical therapist agree that it’s a vital part of keeping your body fit and able. Flexibility is the pillar of fitness. In fact, flexibility can help to the optimum fitness level of your body.

It improves your family bonding:

Eating on the floor usually marks as a family activity with sitting all together and having meal .it increases bonding of the family members. Whatever differences they had and come to enjoy and have the meal together as a unit. It’s kind of peace on your mind thus it has an effect on your health.

At the end, we can say that sitting on the floor is good for our health. And it has many benefits .if you sit on the floor regularly it will give a good effect on your health, you will notice it gradually. After knowing all the effects that really help your health just for sitting on the floor. We should do it sometimes to enrich our health. And keep us fit…

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