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health benefits of sitting on the floor

Benefits of Sitting on the floor could be beyond our thought. It has many good effects on our health when we sit on the floor. Even in meditation process, people used to sit on the floor and meditate.

While it looks very simple, but sitting on the floor is an exercise which helps your back pain, shoulder, knee pain. There is perfectly some exercise such as Egos cue method that uses forces of gravity to work on joint alignment. Floor sitting is one of the best exercises that is good for health. Continue reading Health benefits of sitting on the floor

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5 reasons sitting on the floor is good for your health

1. It naturally improves your posture

Good posture is incredibly important for health, as it not only helps prevent injuries, it also reduces the chances of placing needless strain on certain muscles and joints, which can lead to unnecessary wear and tear as well as structural problems. Unfortunately, most of us in the West have poor posture and weak lower backs, very much a product of slumping onto couches and chairs and hunching over desks and computers for the majority of our lives.

Sitting on the floor, on the other hand, requires your spine to be straight, and your shoulders to be pushed back and relaxed, which naturally corrects poor posture. Continue reading 5 reasons sitting on the floor is good for your health

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